Early October this year, 12 year old Katushabe Ruhanga was found guarding their garden of maize from being destroyed by baboons. The primary one pupil at Nyakabale Primary school in Kabale village in Kaseeta parish Kabwoya sub county Hoima district said she has on several occasions been told by her mother to miss school and attend to the garden.  Though her dream is to become a doctor, she undergoes high rate of absenteeism which might kill her dreams.

ON DUTY: Katushabe Ruhanga helping in cooking instead of being in school. Many girl children have dropped out of school in Bunyoro Sub region to attend to domestic work and due to early marriages. Commnity Green radio is partnering with stakeholders to ensure girl children stay in school.

United NationS declared October 11th as the International Day of the Girl to highlight on such challenges girls face around the world. It also calls for empowerment and improved rights of the world’s 1.1 billion girls.

While appearing on Community Green Radio’s women’s weekly show, Rosemary Birungi, a mother and counselor for teenage girls in Butebere village in Mparo division in Hoima Municipality said many girls still face challenges like high school dropout, early marriage and unwanted pregnancy because parents do not put much efforts in educating them and even those who try do not follow up their progress in schools.

Ms.Birungi  said keeping girls in school longer is an effective intervention to prevent teenage pregnancy in addition to getting access to information about their health and human rights.

Mr.Kiiza Safian, the chairperson for child protection Committee in Uganda’s Women Efforts to Save Orphans (UWESO) in Mparo Division says girls still undergo high rate of absenteeism due to their traditional roles of cooking, collecting firewood among others and it becomes worse to child headed families especially orphans.
Mr. Kiiza calls upon parents to educate girls so that they can be empowered economically, get knowledge and capacity to fight for their rights.



Sanity is slowly returning to Rwamutonga village in Bugambe Sub County in Hoima district between the land grabbing victims and their oppressors; Mr. Tibagwa Joshua and Robert Basingaraho following the land committee that was put up to address insecurity and land conflicts.

The committee which is chaired by Alozyious Onzima, the community educator for NAPE’s Rwamutonga Sustainability village is aimed at bringing all the parties together so that they can utilize the land awaiting the case in court between Tibagwa and the locals on the rightful owner of the land.

Onzima says the victims were facing unrest, accusations and interference from security personnel especially from Tibagwa’s side who were alleging that they were destroying his property and not allowing him to use his land of which the committee has tried to solve.

“ Some of us are even in prison on aggravated robbery, others would even fear to sleep in their houses following threats from Tibagwa and on the other side, the Tibagwa’s side would fear to use their genuine land but now there is harmony,” said Onzima

The committee dubbed “Bamugereire land committee” was put up on the advice of the Land Inquiry Commission, chaired by Justice Catherine Bagumereire, which visited Hoima district at the end of August this year.

The 11 member committee also has Mr. Atich Nelson, the LC11 chairperson for Katanga parish, Mr. Robert Basingaraho and Tibagwa Joshua as ex-officials.
Atich Nelson says the victims are waiting for the ruling for wrongful eviction by Tibagwa which was adjourned from 19th September this year to February 2018 by Masindi High Court.
He says they are also waiting for the report from the Land Inquiry Commission which he attributed the adjournment to.