Community Green Radio joins the fight against maternal and infant mortality in Bunyoro

Many expectant mothers fail to give birth from health units while others rush to health centers when they are already in emergency conditions. This leads to maternal and infant mortality. This was revealed by health experts recently during a media dialogue at Crown Hotel in Hoima organized by Save the Children.

Ms. Joyce Nabukenya and Monica Kabakwonga of Hoima town believe that ignorance about the importance of seeking medical help and dangers of risking giving with aid of unskilled people are some of the causes of maternal mortality.

While appearing on Community Green Radio’s weekly Gender Show, Nyinabwenge, on Saturday recently, Ms. Nabukenya, a mother of two, explained that some cultural beliefs deter expectant mothers from visiting health centers.


























We are concerned: Community Green Radio Modorator Ms. Precious Naturinda(Left) with Ms. Monica Kabakwonga on the radio's weekly Gender show Nyinabwenge.

An average 150 newborn babies die annually in five general hospitals of Hoima, Kiboga, Buliisa, Masindi and Kagadi. This is according to statistics released at the dialogue by Dr. Tom Ediamu, a senior Pediatrician Consultant at Hoima regional referral hospital.
The statistics show that the leading causes infant mortality include prematurity, birth asphyxia (baby fails to get enough oxygen) and sepsis (infection).
Hoima regional referral neonatal statistics for 2015 show that out of 1,668 admissions of newborn babies, 295 death cases were registered; 91 due to prematurity, 84 due to birth asphyxia and 42 due to sepsis.
Dr. Ediamu attributes the high rate of deaths to lack of early childbirth preparations by expectant mothers, insufficient antenatal care and failure to deliver from health facilities.
In a related development, Dr. Rachael Nanzira, a gynecologist at Hoima regional referral Hospital revealed that a ratio of 610 per 100,000 live births was registered in 2014/2015 at the facility.

Dr. Nanzira says the leading causes of maternal mortality include severe bleeding, infections and unsafe abortions.
Nyinabwenge is a weekly show on Community Green radio. It hosts gender activists, government officials, experts and   community members to discuss issues related to gender like maternal and infant mortality. The objective of the show is to narrow the gender gap, create a relatively cohesive and gender sensitive society that enhances human rights observance.