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Community Green Radio listeners’ clubs members have been advised to get involved in initiatives that promote environmental conservation and sustainability.

During a visit to Kapeke Women Listeners’ Club in Kiboga district late March this year, Frank Muramuzi, the Executive Director for National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) said the organization works with communities while encouraging them to get involved into sustainable environmental conservation, protecting land rights, conserving wetlands, tree planting and many other programs.

He said the listeners clubs should start up income generating projects that are environmental friendly like beekeeping and also ensure food security.

“The environment is not only the trees that surround us but it also involve the people who benefit from it, more so the bees we keep are important part of Environmental conservation “explained Muramuzi.

During the visit, the listeners’ club members from Kiboga and Kyankwanzi gathered in Kapeke where they visited an apiary and members trained on different local bee hives.

Ms.Sarah Kamyuka, Community Green Radio listener from Kapeke women enterprise said she has developed ideas of establishing different sustainable initiatives through the various radio programs.

 “Through the green radio Nyinabwenge programme, as a woman, I have been able to plant local vegetables in sacks, polythene bags and other containers,” said Kamyuka.

Kamyuka expressed that they have also had sessions of knowledge sharing about the different livelihood activities with other women from diverse groups and have been able to emulate.

The listeners’ club members were happy with the idea of visiting projects saying it will keep them focused on initiatives that strengthen their groups by implementing the ideas got from the meeting to transform them.

Ssembatya Asuman, the chairperson for Nabidondolo listeners’ clubs in Kyankwanzi district, said listeners clubs are important and have empowered community members to adopt different skills that sustain their livelihoods.

Allan Kalangi the sustainability school program Manager applauded the Community Green Radio listener clubs for embracing the initiatives that empower them urging that the visit is purposely meant for inspecting the activities carried out by listeners clubs obtained from CGR sensitization programs and also  equip the listeners with more ideas that can sustain them.

Kalangi therefore encouraged the community members to continue using the radio to inform the rest and set the goal of sustaining their incomes and to improve environmental conservation.