Green Radio Program schedule

SSEEYEEYAA 17:00-20:00 Sseeyeeya is our late evening drive show. It is hot and packed with fast paced music. It is packaged to suit the Youth

and those who are young at heart as well as those retiring from work. Its major strength is the music that is played

back to back up to the end of the program thus keeping our audience high throughout the program.

The show is spiced up with Comical skits and slots that suite the   target listeners’ taste.

The program is meant to relax a listener after a heavy day’s work and/or boost the morale of    those who are still at work.



This show looks at a given personality and their life journey. It is aimed at sharing real life experience and inspiring

the young generation to work hard.



The show is dedicated to discuss government Programmes. It gives an opportunity to the citizens to analyze and critique different government programs in education, health, livelihood, security, environment, human rights, governance, etc. It also gives government an opportunity to share any new program that is beneficial to the citizens.


The program looks at farming, bee keeping, fishing, etc.
AKATUUTI(Talkshow) 20:00-21:00 The show discusses a topic chosen. The topic should be of community benefit. It looks at and discusses environmental issues, health issues, education and many more. We created a platform for our listeners to deliberate on and/or contribute to national issues in a mature way aimed at stimulating citizen participation in the governance and holding leaders to account. Area MPs, Councilors, Opinion leaders and many other responsible citizens come to the studios to deliberate on given topics concerning society. The listeners contribute Via SMS, Phone-ins


17:00-19:00 The program looks at gender related issues
Ekyooto 19:00-21:00 This is a special weekly show for the Runyakitara speaking listeners. It discusses the cultural norms of Banyakitara. This show includes listeners sending regards through greeting cards
UMUCYO 17:00-:19:00 Umucyo is a special show dedicated to the Kinyarwanda speaking audience. It is aimed at giving our Kinyarwanda speaking listeners an opportunity to deliberate on the social economic affairs of their community.
ENSIBUKO 19:00-20:00 This show looks at culture and norms of Buganda and other. There is storytelling, book reading by school children and review of cultural literature. The elderly tell riddles and other cultural practices like writing wills, etc. The show basically looks at the cultural heritage, norms and practices.
OBUTONDE BWE’NSI 20:00-21:00 This program looks at environmental related-issues.