Environmentalists Storm Police Post Over Degradation of Swamp

Thursday, May 21st, 2020 | By

Environmentalists from Wakiso district have stormed Gobero Police Post in Kakiri Sub County demanding an explanation why people have continued cultivating in the swamp adjacent to the station despite physical demarcations and numerous warnings from the District Natural Resources department.
Permanent pillars were raised on the boundaries of the 37.6km swamp, which stretches from Kato-Mayanja in Namayumba Sub County via Kakiri to Masuuliita by the Water and Environment Ministry last year under guidance from Wakiso District Natural Resources department to stop residents from cultivating in the swamp.
The section of the swamp at Gobero flooded in May last year sweeping away all crops and destroying people’s property worth millions of shillings, a reason why the pillars had to be raised to restrict encroachment by residents.

The team that was under the Command of Wakiso LC 5 Vice Chairperson Betty Ethal Naluyima and District Natural Resources Officer, Rebecca Sabaganzi was on a fact finding mission to establish the cause of the constant flooding whenever it rains.
The team was shocked to find that the section of the swamp, which faces Gobero Police Post, is under heavy encroachment.
The Wakiso District Natural Resources Officer, Rebecca Sabaganzi, said her department has done all it can to protect the wetland but the law enforcement officers are not bothered to enforce the guidelines to protect it.
She says that while planning for an area, people need to be guided on where to cultivate and construct their residences to protect e essential areas, which can affect nature and lead to disasters.

CREDIT:Uganda Radio Network