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Ms. Beatrace Rukanyanga appearing on Nyinabwenge show hosted by Ms. Precious Naturindda

Uganda community radio has won 2020 Liz Hughes award from Farm Radio International for the radio’s effort in amplifying the voices of women and addressing local gender equality issues.
The radio was awarded in recognition of its Nyinabwenge women’s program that specifically amplifies the voices of rural women so that they can be heard, take part in policy-making and protection of their rights, improve food security and address gender gaps in environmental arena among others.
“I would like to congratulate you on winning the 2020 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio. We received more than 60 applications, and your were chosen as this year’s winner. Your application clearly shows that you have identified gender equality issues in your community and are working with women, men and gender experts to discuss and even change these dynamics. You also dedicate a lot of airtime to your women’s program, and make sure to air it at a time and in a language that is convenient for your audience. I congratulate you on your hard work on the program and your fantastic storytelling,” read part of the mail from Katie Burnham, the resource coordinator for Farm Radio International.

Uganda community radio came up as winners beating RTB Gaoua from Burkina Faso, Radio Munyu from Burkina Faso, Radio Kwizera from Tanzania, KituloFm from Tanzania and Fana Broadcasting Cooperation from Ethiopia.
Farm Radio is expected to hand over the award to Uganda Community Green Radio on 8th March in a colorful ceremony that will be held at the radio officers in Kiboga district in Uganda.
Nyinabwenge program runs every Saturday for two hours. It has helped women to gain confidence and is trying to change the narrative on gender roles.
The Liz Hughes Award for her Farm Radio is an award given by Farm Radio International to recognize radio programs that address gender equality and create opportunities to share the voices of rural women.
Allan Kalangi, the officer in charge of Community Green Radio at National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) expressed excitement over the award saying it depicts the great mile stone achieved in amplifying the voices of rural women and promoting gender equality.

Uganda Community Green Radio: Winner of the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio