For four years, Community Green Radio was operating through affiliation with Liberty FM in Hoima. It would broadcast from Thursday to Sunday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm. But this is history! For one year now, the radio is fully operational with its own home, frequency and studios.

At the frequency of 103.9 FM, the radio broadcasts live and clear, daily not only with radios but also online.

This has excited listeners club members who have seen it outgrow affiliation; and had for long demanded for a fully-fledged radio to be able to have enough time to advocate for environmental Conservation and human rights.

Karuhanga Moses, the chairperson of Butimba listeners club says he is happy that the radio broadcasts daily. He says the members now can go on radio anytime to discuss issues affecting their areas; not like those days where they were limited to specific time.

“We are happy that now the members can go on air anytime they wish not like those days when they would have to wait for time between 1.00-3.00 pm. Am happy with National Association of professional Environmentalists (NAPE) for adhering to our demand,” he noted

He adds that, “more voices of local communities will be amplified to actively participate in natural resources management, especially in Bunyoro region which is already fighting with challenges related to oil developments.”

Norah Bahongye, a member of Kigaaga listener’s club says she is happy to listen to her favorite women’s program-Nyinabwenge in evening time when she has retired from her day’s duties on Saturday.

“This radio has changed the lives of many women. We know our rights, we have engaged in planting trees to conserve the environment, and we have income generating activities, it’s good that Nyinabwenge program has been put at a time when many people are at home and are able to listen,” she says.

Last year, National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) purchased Radio Kiboga FM which is being rebranded to Community Green Radio. This followed demand from listeners’ club members.

The radio started with 11 listener’s clubs from Hoima, Kikube and Buliisa Oil-rich districts. Currently, more listeners clubs have been created in districts of Kyankwanzi and Buliisa.

The radio has been operating with listener’s clubs for they work as a link between community members and the radio.